Why You Should Frame a Canvas Painting

When looking at the beautiful canvas print on your wall, you notice the detail in the stretch of the fabric, and a bit of a rough edge that gives a...

What is Fine Art, Exactly?

    When one thinks of fine art, their definitions may vary. Fine art is truly subjective. Typically fine art triggers feelings and direct thought...

Meet Sherman

New Peabody Gallery Staff
Sherman says "Hello" to all Peabody Clients.  

He is looking forward to meeting all of you when he can come to work.  Currently sheltering in place with his parents, he is anxious to be a productive member of the Peabody Family.

Cat Behind the Hat Dr. Seuss Exhibition

Cat Behind the Hat Dr. Seuss Exhibition - Peabody Gallery
Enjoy a video tour of the recent "Cat Behind the Hat" exhibition of the Dr. Seuss Collection.