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Picture Frame Styles

What Kind Of Picture Frames Styles Are In?

Picture Frame Styles

There are various types of picture frame styles to choose from when it comes to framing choices.  The space you are looking to decorate plays a part, as well as your own personal style preference.  In 2021, there are a few styles that seem to be most popular in picture framing styles.  Keep reading to see what kind of picture frames are in style.

Minimalist Style

The minimalist style is very popular for allowing spaces to look cleaner, and in some cases larger.  The core of the minimalist style is simplicity and clean lines.  Minimalist style picture frames use a concentrated color palette with natural colors, nothing that is super bold or bright.  Whites, blacks, browns, tans, grays, and creams are popular colors in the minimalist style palette.  Minimalist style picture frames are also often thinner rather than a thicker frame.  The goal is “less is more” and does not welcome a ton of décor in general.   

Traditional Style 

Traditional picture frame styles are often based off of classic European décor from the 18th and 19th centuries.  This style is ornate and elegant and typically has a neutral color palette with rich color tones, such as deep reds and browns.  Traditional style picture frames enhance this design with a classic feel, that makes the space feel tidy but cozy at the same time.  Often times wood is the material of choice for traditional style picture frames.

Rustic Style

The rustic style has become increasingly popular in recent years.  This style uses rugged, vintage, elements that intentionally look older and distressed.  Frames in the rustic style often use natural, raw materials such as unfinished wood, or stone, to create the look and feel.  The clean lines and neutral color palette do not apply here, instead warm colors dominate.  

Modern Style

Modern style is almost a middle-ground between minimalist and traditional.  The modern style rejects the ornate and elegant elements of the traditional style, but accepts the classic feel.  Additionally, it rejects the super minimalistic intentions of the minimalist style, but uses the concentrated color palate and simplicity of the minimalist style.  Modern style frames are often traditional in shape and color, but also employ the thin, clean lines that the minimalist style frames do.

Industrial Style

The industrial style has become popular more recently, and is often used in loft apartments, modern home décor, and commercial spaces.  This style utilizes dark color tones, metals, and other raw materials such as brick or stone.  Picture frames for the industrial style include metals such as chrome, silver and gold to compliment this décor.   

These are just a few of the kind of picture frames that are in style today.  Choosing the right frames for your space can make all the difference.

Peabody Gallery is here to help, call or visit us to find the perfect picture frame styles to fit your art and match your home décor. 

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