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What Are Three Types Of Frames?

What Are Three Types Of Frames?

The term “frame” is typically very general and often it is assumed that all frames are the same, but the reality is frames have their own individual characteristics that separate them from one another.  The type of frame you choose helps to define a space, as well as the picture or artwork inside of it.  Frames can be bold and statement making, or they can be subtle and hardly noticeable.  As a frame of reference (no pun intended), we put this blog together to help identify and choose the proper frame for your space as well as the piece being framed.  What are three types of frames?

Floating Frames

Floating frames have a name that is fairly self explanatory, but essentially these frames are meant to appear as though they are floating on the wall.  Typically, these frames utilize glass or acrylic material in place of a traditional mat to give your artwork or photo the appearance that it is “floating” on the wall.  The accents of a floating frame vary, and can include various colors of metal or wood that perfectly compliment the decor of the room where the picture is hanging.  Floating frames are a great choice for statement pieces that you want to draw full attention to, such as striking photos or bold artwork pieces.  

What Are Three Types Of Frames?

Deep set frames give depth to an image, where there previously was none.  Similarly to how shadow boxes work, deep set frames use a thicker mat and a deep frame that automatically draw the viewer’s eyes inward.  This creates a subtle type of shadow within the frame that adds dimension where there previously was none.  Deep set frames are perfect for photos and artwork that need that type of dimension, such as landscape photos or artwork that depicts a place.  These types of frames allow the viewer to momentarily escape into the picture, and the dimension effect helps to make this escape happen.

Gallery Frames

Gallery flames are one of the most popular framing types, and are generally the type of frame used at museums and places that showcase art and photography.  A gallery frame uses a mat that creates an elevated frame inside of a frame type of look.  Gallery frames also utilize a variety of framing materials, from traditional finish wood to metal to unfinished or distressed wood, depending upon the look and feel you want to portray.

These are just three types of frames, but there are many more.  Choosing a frame can be tricky, especially if you are decorating a new space. Spend some time researching and deciding what type of frame you want to use for your artwork or photography based on how you want it to be viewed.  

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