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Canvas Frame Color

How To Choose A Canvas Frame Color

Canvas Frame Color Selection   

Choosing the frame color for a canvas might sound like a simple task that doesn’t need a lot of attention, but choosing the right frame color can make all the difference.  The  frame color can add additional effects to the picture as well as enhance certain parts of the canvas.  Because of this, we put together a guide on how to choose a canvas frame color.    


The material of the frame can also attribute to the canvas frame color that will look best with a particular piece of art.  Various popular materials that are often used include wood, metal, and glass.  The material used can make the color look different as the hue will vary slightly from color to color.  On the other hand, choosing a material that doesn’t compliment the canvas can cause the frame to overpower the art.  Choose a material that goes with your canvas based on the picture as well as the color that best complements the canvas.


There are several styles of frames, from modern to vintage to farmhouse and beyond.   The style of the frame is intended to complement the canvas to the point of making it more of a statement.  When it comes to style, the frame can become distracting if not chosen correctly and can then take away from the art.  Choose a style that matches the style of the canvas in question, while also taking into account the setting where the artwork will be hung.  


Protecting the canvas is another function of the frame, as it works to preserve the canvas and keep it safe from the elements.  The canvas can become damaged from sunlight, and other exposure and therefore will require the right type of framing.  Check with an expert if you are unsure about the type of paint used in the canvas being framed. Different types of paint and canvas require different degrees of protection, so it is important to know what you are framing.


The location of where the framed canvas will be is another element of determining how to close a canvas frame color.  If you already know that the location where the frame will be is in a  place where the decor includes a specific color, do your best to work with colors, styles and materials already there.  This will allow for the canvas to  be portrayed in the best way and enhance the artwork.

Peabody Gallery is always happy to help with your custom canvas frame color and design.  

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