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What is Fine Art, Exactly?

Fine Art

Fine Art


When one thinks of fine art, their definitions may vary. Fine art is truly subjective. Typically fine art triggers feelings and direct thoughts to the person looking at it. In this sense, the classification of fine art would be based on the opinions of the person viewing the piece of artwork. Fine art is just that- a piece of finely crafted art.

How to Determine if a Piece is Fine Art

When trying to determine if a piece of art being viewed can be classified as fine art, ask yourself the following:

  • Does the piece tell a specific story?
  • Is there a statement to be made?
  • Is remembrance of an event triggered?
  • Does the piece reflect use of imagination?
  • Does the piece evoke emotion in the viewer?

In order for an artist to create a piece of fine art, the viewer must be triggered by the piece. The piece has to evoke an emotion, and make the viewer think and consider all of the possibilities that could be taking place within the artwork. A bonus is if the artwork encourages conversation between art enthusiasts!

The artwork must be well-made. The artist must show great attention to detail, and make the viewer feel as if they could be a part of the piece itself. Make them get lost in it. Fine art is delicate, and you should be able to see the craftsmanship within the piece.

Commercial art, or art that is made with the intent to sell a product, rarely makes it into the category of fine art. While it may evoke emotion and make viewers want to buy a product, it will rarely make them want to display it proudly on their walls.

When considering whether or not a piece of art is fine art, take into account the artist that created it. Perhaps the artist studied the work of artists that came before them, or even majored in art in an educational atmosphere. Most artists of fine art pieces are well-versed in different types of art, and have honed in on their abilities to create pieces that the average person may fall short trying to replicate. Fine art artists create pieces with the intent of having it on display in the homes of people around the world. They want to create conversation pieces that are just as valuable on paper as they are in conversation around your table. There is no specific qualification to label an artist as a “fine artist,” there are just some skills to note and take into account.

When you ask professors, historians, museum workers, and art salesmen what qualifies art to become “fine art,” you will always get different answers. This only further validates that fine art is truly subjective, and can only be classified based on the eye of the viewer. Fine art inspires, evokes emotion, and creates a world within itself for the viewer to find.

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