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Wine Lovers I

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Dimensions:  17" h x 10" w x 4" d

Medium:  Bronze

Edition Size:  40

Availability:  Available

    This sculpture is dedicated to every couple who finds a little romance in sharing a glass of wine.  They’re reaching out to each other, fully puckered for a kiss, however it almost seems like the wine is going to get a kiss too.  This work serves as the namesake for the entire “Wine Lovers Series” as my underlying assumption for all of the characters in the series is that they hold a deep affection for the wine experience.
    Notice the rounded derrieres on these figures.  This is not intended to offend anyone; rather, this is the shape of those truly enjoying a full life, not skimping on an extra serving or a rich dessert.   Although I personally struggle to keep the laissez-faire attitude in real life, it’s much easier to have my sculptured figures throw caution to the wind.  The added benefit to the full figure is that the body shape approximates the shape of the bottles, creating a pleasing sense of balance to the sculpture.