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Harry Motro

Harry’s goal in life is to make meaningful connections to other people through his work. His artistic focus is positive and spiritual, reflecting who he is as a person. The desire of his heart is to pass that on to others.

Born in Jacksonville, Florida in 1960, he inherited a passion for art from his Dutch oil-painting mother, and grew up loving to draw and sketch. With the additional influence of his non-conformist Israeli father, the makings of an artist were well seeded. As Harry matured, his creative energy was diverted into the business world. His 20 years in the corporate arena included working on the business side of the media industry including television (TBS, CNN, TNT, Cartoon Network..), movies (MGM/UA), animation (Hanna Barbera) and the Internet (CNN Interactive). In 1997 he moved to California to become the CEO of Infoseek Corp., an internet search and software company. Following the sale of Infoseek, Motro made a dramatic change, morphing from a businessman to an artist.

By spending several years at the college foundry becoming intimately familiar with each step of the lost-wax casting process, Harry came to appreciate the fine craftsmanship that is essential to the process of bronze sculpture. Harry now sculpts in clay in his home studio and has his works cast under his direction at the Firebird Foundry in Monterey, CA.

His most recent effort, the "Wine Lovers" series, celebrates the spirit of all those who appreciate art and enjoy fine wine. His creative approach to incorporating wine bottles (actual size) with imaginatively positioned figures has a powerful effect and establishes his distinctive style. With each sculpture, Harry allows the wine lover to capture the vitality that wine can bring to a full life.

Harry is married, has two children, and resides in Los Gatos, CA. When he's not sculpting, you can find him having lunch with his wife at their favorite restaurant, spending time with his kids, playing tennis or working on a Church project.