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Table for Two

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Dimensions:  20" h x 10" w x 6" d

Medium:  Bronze

Edition Size:  40

Availability:  Available

     What’s happening here?  Since our “Table for Two” character has wine to share, is he asking for a table for two wine lovers?   Or perhaps the table is for his two bottles so he can enjoy a quiet evening to himself with his favorite wines.   In either case, the expressive face of the figure framed by the upright wine bottles paints a picture of a warm, wine-filled evening ahead.
     Often the simplest sculptures are the most difficult to construct.  The figure initially had arms in various positions; around the bottles, supporting the bottles from below, and even arms protruding through the bottles.  Eventually, I realized that the figure didn’t need arms at all. Instead the bottles themselves give the sculpture a powerful sense of weight and balance.