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Reflections of the Morning After

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Dimensions:  16" h x 6" w x 12" d

Medium:  Bronze

Edition Size:  40

Availability:  Available

     I consider most of my sculptures in the “Wine Lovers Series” to be upbeat and lively; however, “Reflections” represents a more contemplative feeling.  The character in this sculpture is reflecting on the night before, remembering both the pleasures and the pain.  There’s no escaping the feeling in his gut that he spent a lot of time with his wine collection.  Now, like we all do, he looks back on his actions with a mixed bag of remorse, humor, irony, and pleasure.
      Reflections was actually the first sculpture in the series, and the one that I spent the most time sculpting.  The piece went through many iterations, with the bottle positioned forwards, backwards and about every option in-between.   It was important to get the bulk of the bottle forward to be central focus of the figure's gaze, while keeping enough protruding from the back to have the through-the-body effect.   Also, this sculpture didn’t start with the signature jacket and bowtie; however, I felt the need to class him up a bit and liked the look of the jacket draped over the bottle.   I fell in love with this look and have carried it forward to most of the sculptures in this series.