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Contrarian Connoisseur

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Dimensions:  16" h x 6" w x 12" d

Medium:  Bronze

Edition Size:  40

Availability:  Available

     What gives an expert his credentials?  How much do you know about wine?  Is deep knowledge about yields, ripeness, canopy, microclimates, barrel aging, and tannins as important as the taste of the wine itself? The typical wine guru may be steeped in this knowledge; however, he hopefully knows much more than just the facts.  He must be an artist!  The true connoisseur is one who helps you appreciate the wine through new eyes.  Sometimes it’s the road less traveled (or never traveled before) that leads to the discovery of something special.  In “Contrarian Connoisseur”, the expert has flipped the world upside down, going to any length for that extra bit of insight.  Realistically, I’ve discovered that it’s not just the connoisseur who can take this contrarian view of the world.  This path is open to any of us willing to occasionally fail on our path to new experiences and wisdom.