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Wine Lovers II (Broken Dreams)

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Dimensions:  21" h x 8" w x 11" d

Medium:  Bronze

Edition Size:  40

Availability:  Available

     I always feel like I've accomplished a sizable feat when a sculpture evokes many different interpretations and emotions.  At the most basic level, in "Wine Lovers II", we see two lovers; one inside a broken bottle and the other inside a broken wine glass.  Is he enjoying a wine-inspired vision of the girl of his dreams?   Or is he seeking solace in his wine over a "broken" heart?   Is the wine or the girl his first love?  Surely, we’ve felt all of these emotions.
     This work originally started with only the man in the broken wine bottle.  Fitting him inside a bottle was rewarding in itself but the resulting sculpture felt incomplete.  Only after adding the broken wine glass and the lady lover’s face did the sculpture become multi-dimensionally interesting.  At first, I tried to sculpt a full female figure in, on or draped over the broken wine glass.  I even tried to have the lady's head and hair hanging off the top of the glass and the legs dangling off of the bottom.  However, once I put the lady in high relief on the wine glass, she became interesting, mysterious and a clear object of the man's longings.