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Village Idiot

Original price $1,895.00 - Original price $3,275.00
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$1,895.00 - $3,275.00
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Dimensions:  16" x 16" each - set of 4 images

Medium:  lithograph on paper

Edition Size:  195 regular, 65 in a deluxe case

Availability:  regular available, deluxe version sold out at publisher but still available at Peabody Gallery

"Or am I indeed ..."

This Serigraph is four separate images. By placing all four images in a cube, you see the full scope of the painting. Even more interesting is when laying the images out horizontally, it tells the same story, but reveals quite a different painting. What we perceive as clouds suddenly become the ground. It’s really wonderful and unique.

The captions read:
Panel-1) “Without a word spoken, I cast my lost to the vagaries of the sky. They think me a fool, The village Idiot’. But what I sought did not exist on trodden soil. You took wing, and thus, so did I.”

Panel-2) “I encounter other dreamers. They are fearless, and yet they fear for me, for my dream is so uncertain and I chase it without caution. My Dream, you see, is you, my heart yours for the taking… or the breaking.”

Panel-3) “Oh, the height, the sight, the bright white sky light that is you. My faith blind, all-consuming. You seem unattainable, but I know no other way. It is you and I, or I am as the dust that blows.”

Panel-4) “My heart, falling as if dropped from the sky, it’s fate uncertain. I, the town, all wondering the same thing; will you cradle this heart, crown me king? Or am I, indeed, the village idiot. Either way-no regrets, coyote.”