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Uncorked I (Paul Masson)

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Dimensions:  21" h x 17" w x 10" d

Medium:  Bronze

Edition Size:  40

Availability:  Available

    “The right soil, the right vine, and a winemaker dedicated to his job, a holy triptych.”  Paul Masson [Quote on bottom of bottle]
     “Good wine makes good friends.”
Paul Masson [Quote on bottom of shoe]
     This is the first of a series of sculptures that I intend to make that are dedicated to famous pioneers in wine making.  After checking out a book in a nearby library, I read with fascination of the life of Paul Masson, a Frenchman from Burgundy, who came to California in 1878.  By 1892 Masson's first champagne was introduced leading to his eventual unofficial title as "Champagne King of California."  Suffering through diseases attacking his grapes and even earthquakes, his historic leadership inspires us no matter which industry we engage in.  Known as a lavish entertainer, Masson was quick to uncork a bottle to make a guest feel welcome; hence, the first of the “uncorked” sculptures.