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Two Simple Words

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Dimensions: 25" x 34 1/4"

Medium:  giclee' on paper

Edition Size:  25

Availability:  Sold out at publisher but still available at Peabody Gallery

"Two Simple Words"

For years Roger O. Hegbarth had toiled away at his job, working late while others left early and arriving early while other slept late.  He had his reasons.  He hated his job, but he loved Manhattan, loved the Chrysler building especially, and he would often dream of the day his company would promote him to its high rise levels.  The company building's top two floors had a clear view of the Chrysler building, and Roger could see clearly the day when his feet would rest quite comfortably on his desk while he gazed at the gleaming spires. 

Two simple words changed all of that, though.  Two simple words scribbled on a note took all of Roger's work and ambition and hope and desperation and wrapped it carefully in a few sheets of white cloud and flushed it cleanly down the toilet.  Two very simple words; You're Fired.  Note in hand, Roger O. Hegbarth got up from his desk and walked uptown to the Chrysler building.  He managed to sneak past everyone and went out onto one of the grand steel eagles that border the Chrysler, where he planned to leap gracefully to his death.  

A gentle but firm wind blew against him.  He looked out at all the beauty of the city.  No matter, Roger O. Hegbarth's dreams had been crushed like an ant under  redwood, like a sardine under an ocean liner run aground.  Or had they?  He let go of the note and Roger O. Hegbarth lived.  He lived to fight on another day, until the day his dream finally came true.  Whatever dream that might be.  And you know, you just never know.