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Turtle Tower Bronze

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Dimensions:  Maquette: Sculpture Dimensions: 18”h x 8” w x 7”d
Base Dimensions: 1.25”h x 8” w x 7”d

Large Scale: 65”h x 33”w x 24”d  

Medium: Bronze

Edition Size:  195 maquette, 35 large scale

Availability:  available

Year of Release:  2008

Inspired by Dr. Seuss’s character and created by artist Leo Rijn.

At the time of its creation, Turtle Tower was the most intricate sculpture to date, requiring seven separate turtles to be sculpted and juxtaposed to create the wonderfully wobbly throne from Dr. Seuss’s book, Yertle the Turtle. The richness of the bronze patina gives the artwork strength and depth that mirrors the book’s substantive storyline . . . a worthy king builds his kingdom with the support of, not on the backs of, his loyal subjects.