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The Last Known Journal Entry

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Dimensions:  36" x 24"

Medium:  Serigraph on Board

Edition Size:  195

Availability:  Available

The story of the “Last Known Journal Entry” is written out on F. Horacio’s journal page which Mia Likey has secretly stolen from his journal.

The painting reads:
“ Day 23. My experience with Mia Likey, the high Coyotess of the Amozonian all-female Pradagucci Tribe, becomes more compelling each day. A huge and fierce red-haired warrior, her milky white skin covering more curves than a child’s drawing of the ocean, Mia Likey has proven to be a worthy adversary. She’s quite reluctant to give up information about the tribe, but I am now quite certain they are responsible for the disappearance of many of my colleagues. I have recognized the laughter of at least three of them coming from deep in the jungle bushes late at night. I can only hope they’re not being tortured. Mia Likey has invited me to an intimate tribal feast tonight. I must be on my guard. The Pradaguccis are rumored to have a ritual they call ‘The Wiles’, where upon they trick a man into talking about himself while they give him wine. He becomes thirsty, drinks, drinks some more, and Whammo – they make him a Love Slave. I, being a modest man of science, will have no problem outfoxing her in this regard. I will speak very little, drink very little, and stay at full attention. She is quite ravishing though. Regards, F. Horacio P.S. I wonder what she’d look like if, instead of her tribal attire, she wore a little black dress and long silk gloves. Ooobah Doobah… ah, well, never mind. My experiment continues. I will write again tomorrow. Adieu.”

With this piece, Markus pays homage to the women in his life, and shows us his wit and zest for the good old fashioned love story. Soon, Horatio’s laughter too will be heard at night and I’m pretty certain that Day 23 will be the “Last Known Journal Entry.”