The Cruel Hack-Biter

The Cruel Hack-Biter

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Dimensions: 5.25"h x 25"w x 1.5"d 

Medium: Hand painted Cast Resin Sculpture

Edition Size:  850

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Year of Release:  2021

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His name suggests he is cruel and he bites, yet his demeanor and smile suggest otherwise. Therein lies the genius of this creature – his warmth is endearing, his smile charming, but if he sees a friend in need, he will protect his friends at all costs…sometimes having 56 teeth comes in handy.

Ted Geisel (aka Dr. Seuss), saw his animals and characters not simply as animals, but rather as people in our lives – our friends, family and loved ones. In this work he showed us how to laugh at ourselves, and most importantly, to know who has our back.

He is everything one would want in a companion.


Original Walrus on Ted’s drawing table, photographed in 1935.

Original Walrus on Ted’s drawing table, photographed in 1935.

There has been scant evidence of additional sculptures made during the 1930s, when Ted was developing his Collection of Unorthodox Taxidermy. From the black and white photo (above) of a creature on Ted’s drawing table which later would be discovered as the enigmatic Seasick Walrus, to the small green character sporting a shaving brush that would eventually be identified as the bemusing Mugglesmirt (as seen at the top of this web page), the thrill of the hunt has been an incredibly exciting journey.

The discovery of an historic film clip titled Unusual Occupations, is no exception. In this vintage film reel two additional works, each with the irresistible charm and whimsy of the others, have been revealed: the Cruel Hack-Biter and the Flowerpot Walrus. Here we see an unusual window into Ted’s personality in the only known clip of him interacting with his taxidermy pieces, among them these important sculptural finds.

Together, the Cruel Hack-Biter, Seasick Walrus, Mugglesmirt, and Flowerpot Walrus make up the rare and historically significant Lost and Found Sculpture Collection.