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Standing Tall

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$1,420.00 - $2,335.00
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Dimensions:  24" x 32", 30" x 40", 36" x 48"

Medium:  giclee' on canvas

Edition Size:  150 small, 100 medium, 50 large

Availability:  Available

Like the Gentle Giants of the California and Oregon coast, only a few of us grow to truly stand above the rest. The Pacific Coast redwoods have proudly retained the title for the tallest and longest-living trees on earth - earned by exhibiting the same steadfast endurance and persistence one must develop in order to reach life’s greatest goals. While contemplating the adventures of the road up ahead, raise a well-deserved glass of bold Cabernet to the qualities that made you what you are today: confidence, perseverance, and above all, “Standing Tall.”