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Reach For The Stars

Original price $1,350.00 - Original price $10,000.00
Original price
$1,350.00 - $10,000.00
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42” x 33” / Image 38” x 29” for regular,

28” x 22” / Image 24” x 18” for parlor edition,

52" x 42"/image 50" x 38" for exhibition edition

Medium:  Mixed Media Print on Deckled Edge Paper

Edition Size:  195 for regular, 195 for parlor edition, 9 for exhibition edition

Availability:  available

Year of Release:  2022

 “ Reach for the Stars”
The stars that play, flicker, and dance across the deep dark skies of the calm Tahitian nights offer us visual constructions of hope. As our studio nighttime activity, like young children, our visual awareness grows increasingly through the enthusiasm of our imagination seduced by the possibilities of so many other living things in an existence larger than our own.
This positive human emotion of hope feels like the appropriate directions for the first print work released after almost 2 years of a worldwide epidemic. “Reach for the Stars”, part of the ongoing “Coconut Radio” series was painted flat on the studio floor and then tilted so that the paint, itself, would flow upwards to reach for the stars.

       ---  Tom Everhart