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Rare Seuss Still Available at Peabody Gallery

The art of Dr. Seuss Collection

Due to worldwide recognition and demand, many works of the collection are sold out or in extremely limited supply.

The following Sold Out or Rare editions are still available for immediate shipment from Peabody Fine Art Gallery.

ALL QUALIFY for our Patron Program credits.

Click on any title for more information about that particular piece.


Secret Art

Cat Detective in the Wrong Part of Town

Chase In The Forest

Cuddle Fish

Green Cat in Uleaborg Finland Subway

Green Cat with Lights

Martini Bird

Secrets of the Deep - Deluxe book with prints

Self Portrait of  a Young Man Shaving

The Rather Odd Myopic Woman Riding Piggyback on One of Helen's Many Cats

Venetian Cat Singing Oh Solo Meow

Wisdom of the Orient Cat



Mulberry Street Unicorn

Sea-Going Dilemma Fish

Turtle Necked Sea Turtle


Illustration Art

Ted's Cat (50th Anniversary)

Fox In Socks (50th Anniversary)

Cat (60th Anniversary)

Green Eggs and Ham (50th Anniversary)

Grinch at Mt. Crumpit (50th Anniversary)

Grinch 60th Anniversary

If Santa Could Do It

King of the Pond (50th Anniversary)

Sneetches (50th Anniversary)

Horton Hears a Who (60th Anniversary)

Up-Up with a Fish

The Cat That Changed the World

We Looked! Then We Saw Him (diptych)

These Things Are Good Things (diptych)

Yawning Cat

Fox Socks Box Knox

Green Eggs and Ham Inside Cover Illustration

Do You Like Green Eggs and Ham - diptych

Sam-I-Am single and diptych

Horton Line Drawing

The Speck Voice was Talking!

They've Proved They Are Persons no Matter How Small

This Sound Sounded Merry

Sawfish with Such a Long Snout

Black Fish Blue Fish Old Fish New Fish

Lorax Book Cover

Earth Friendly Lorax - Lavender

Earth Friendly Lorax - Yellow

Earth Friendly Lorax - Orange

Earth Friendly Lorax - Salmon

Lorax 50th Anniversary

Stars Upon Thars diptych

Yertle the Turtle

Would You?  Could You? in a Car?

Sleep Book