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Quest to Unlock Secrets

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Dimensions:  20" h x 7" w x 7" d

Medium:  Bronze

Edition Size:  40

Availability:  Available

     How hard can it be to transform fruit juice into wine?  Yet men and women throughout generations have committed their lives to unlocking the secrets of wine making.   From viticulture (the growing of grapes) to vinification (the making of wine), one must become a master farmer, chemist, meteorologist and magician.   Secrets for the perfect wine are passed down from father to son as precious gifts to be carefully guarded.
     “Quest” is a tribute to those winemakers who strive for perfection.  They, like artists, are in a perpetual search for the right combination of innumerable variables, which create mind-boggling complexity, to arrive at a unique seemingly-simple pleasing solution.
     The actual sculpture was created by cutting a circular whole in a wine bottle and inserting a master lock.  This was the lock that I bought to secure my locker for my first college art classes.  It’s fitting that this lock would become enshrined in a bronze sculpture.