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One Final Word

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Dimensions:  46" x 37", 56" x 72"

Medium:  giclee' on canvas

Edition Size:  35 regular, 9 large artist proof

Availability: Sold out at publisher but still available at Peabody Gallery

Hello, my name is Roger O. Hegbarth. The last time you saw me I was standing on this very eagle, contemplating "ending it all" due to the power of two simple words. Those two simple words were "You're Fired." Many years have passed since that time, and now I can't even imagine myself thinking that way. There are so many incredible moments and experiences I would have missed, moments now woven into the magical tapestry that is my life. I have those two simple words to thank for what I've become. They helped me see the beauty of my own foolishness, and they bestowed upon me the miracle of becoming inconsequential. Once that happened, once I became nobody special, it was up to ME to decide what I was, and I decided to become a Dreamer. Being a Dreamer is a wild and wonderful thing, but it's not for everyone, and it's not what everyone tells you it is. If, perhaps, you'd like to be a Dreamer too, I think I can help. I have a simple test for you to take, and it will foretell your future. It's called "The Roger O. Hegbarth Water Test," and it goes like this:

First, go get a glass and fill it with water. Next, turn the glass upside down. Well, what happened? All the water emptied out, right? Wrong. There's always a drop that remains, a drop that simply won't leave. You can even bang the glass once, and that drop remains there. That drop sees itself as exceptional. It considers itself as simply being part of the glass. To a dreamer, that drop is much like their dream: unbound by logic and common sense, and not something they could be separated from, as it is part of their very being. If you already think of your dream this way, you've passed "Step 1" of the Roger O. Hegbarth Water Test. Now I want you to consider that glass again, and this time I want you to imagine the water as being your future financial security. If you want to pursue your dream, that security, all but a drop, empties out. Well, do you still want to pursue that dream of yours? If you do, you've passed "Step 2" of the Roger O. Hegbarth Water Test. Now I want you to picture the glass one final time, but this time it's filled with all of the close, loving relationships you have with your friends and family. For your dream to prosper, they must empty out as well - all but a drop. Dreams, you see, are needful things, and they require huge amounts of love and time. Well, do you STILL want to pursue that dream of yours? If your answer remains 'yes,' you have passed "Step 3," the final step, of the Roger O. Hegbarth Water Test. Here's what I know about that: if your dream passes the Water Test, you are DESTINED.

If your dream failed the Water Test, or if you don't even have a dream, here's what I want you to know: that's fine, it doesn't matter one little bit. Somewhere along my journey I stumbled onto a word, and that word, more than anything else, has changed my life into a truly spectacular journey. Using this word to inform your decision-making can change, for the better, every career choice you make, every relationship you have, every crossroads you face, dreamer or not.

Yes, that's right: Dreamer, or not.

I'm about to tell you my "One final word" now. I would like you to carry it with you wherever you go, because everyone everywhere is on a journey, the journey that is life, and everyone could use a "fail-safe," a handy morsel of wisdom to use as a guide to help them along the way. This word does that for me, and my fondest hope is that it will do the same for you. Okay, ready? My final word is:

P.S. As for me, you shouldn't worry. Being a Dreamer involves risk, and I've grown to love that. I've grown to love testing my limits, and this day is no different, but yes, I do have a plan. You see, I always enjoy -"