Oh, The Places You'll Go!  25th Anniversary Portfolio

Oh, The Places You'll Go! 25th Anniversary Portfolio

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Dimensions: 14” x 20” each

Medium: Giclee' on paper

Edition Size:  295

Availability:  Available

Year of Release:  2015

Adapted posthumously from the original preproduction drawings for the 1990 book, Oh, the Places You'll Go!

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Twenty-five years have passed since Dr. Seuss’s final words to us were published. At the time, we didn’t know these would be his last—but he knew. His biographers, Judith and Neil Morgan, would later write: “There was never any doubt that Ted considered Oh, the Places You’ll Go! his farewell salute, his last parade, Mulberry Street gone worldwide.”

Dr. Seuss, when pressed during interviews, always said that, the message his books had in common was “hope.” This was never more evident than in Oh, the Places You’ll Go!  For this final book, Ted gathered his favorite unpublished sketches, pinned them up on the cork walls of his studio and then set about finding a way to make them connect. The result was the most powerful graphic work he had done in many years.