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Dimensions:  24" x 36"

Medium:  Serigraph on Paper

Edition Size:  125

Availability:  Available

The painting reads:

“After Four Months of Fanatical Planning, Clyde Clauclippers Masterpiece, His Magnum Opus, The Masquerade Ball, Had Been Unveiled, and Horace Found Himself Unprepared. Oh Sure, His Costume Was Spot On Target, Rolling, Puffy White Cuffs, And Collar, Badly Striped Sleeves And The Perfect Chapeau - But That Was Only His Outer Costume. He Was Masquerading On The Inside As Well, Though Not Very Well, And His Discomfort Was Beginning To Show. His Fur Was Standing Up At Attention Like A Military Drill Team After A Coffee Break, His Palms Were Sweating Like A Sumo Wrestler On Safari, His Tongue Was Swelled Up And Twisted Like A Dusty Pink Sofa Cushion Left In The Care Of An Antsy Pent-Up Child. Conversation Would Be More Difficult Than Riding A Blind Pig With A Sprained Ankle Backwards To Victory In The Kentucky Derby. All Because "She" Was There, Straight Off The Puffy Cloud In The Heaven That No Doubt Was Her Home.”

Her Name Was Henrietta Forthwright, And The Mere Sight Of Her Made Horace Alternately Numb With Joy And Paralyzed By Fear, Both Of These Causing Great Muscle Control Difficulties. Horace Was Just About To Run Away By Dragging Himself Out The Door Using The Only Muscle Group That Hadn't Abandoned Him, His Ear Muscles, When Clyde Suddenly Announced The Winning Number In The Raffle. The Prize Was Dinner For Two At The Ritz And, Wouldn't You Know, Horace Had The Winning Number. Problem Was, He Was Standing Right Next To Henrietta And Thus His Lips Were Numb And His Tongue Was So Swollen That It Looked As If He Had Stuffed A Flock Of Flamingos In His Mouth. And Then It Happened - Henrietta Smiled, Put Her Hand On His Shoulder, Announced, ‘Oh Hey, Horace And I Won!’ And The Heavens Burst Open And Swallowed Him Up Whole, Tongue And All. At Least That's How It Felt To Him.”