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Homie Dreams - Mister Big Stuff Dreams (Andy Warhol)

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Dimensions:  42" x 28 1/2"

Medium:  Mixed Media Print on Deckeled Edge Paper

Edition Size:  295

Availability:  Available

Year Released:  2012

Homie Dreams from Limelight Agency on Vimeo.


Titled Mr. Big Stuff, because Woodstock is a little person with a big punch. Also because he represents Warhol, whose influence on Everhart also carried a big punch, as he caused him to see art differently than it had ever been seen before.

Each of the six portraits in the series represents the dreams of artists and, in some cases, friends who, have directly affected Tom's own dreams–including one artist who does not have a portrait but is represented in all six of the paintings. The distinct abstract style of the background is a direct homage to Tom's former neighbor, the painter Sam Francis.

When Schulz drew the Peanuts, his characters often represented people in his own life. Even though we did not know who they were, we always knew someone in our own lives who were a little—or maybe a lot—like them. And that made those characters special and personal to us. Everhart has also done this. He has once again used Lucy, Pigpen and the rest to represent people who hold their own personal importance to him. Even if we don't have our own relationship with those people, we know people in our own lives who have inspired us. That is what these paintings are about—our own creativity, inspirations, friends and dreams.