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Have No Fear Bronze

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Dimensions:  Sculpture Dimensions: 20”h x 11”w x 15.5”d
Base Dimensions: 1.25”h x 5.5”w x 7.75”d

Medium: Bronze

Edition Size:  195 

Availability:  available

Year of Release:  2011

Inspired by Dr. Seuss’s character and created by artist Leo Rijn.

If The Cat in the Hat book cover is this character’s most recognizable image, the “Have No Fear” image from pages 14-15 is a close runner-up. The Cat in the Hat’s mischievous juggling act has become one of Dr. Seuss’s most iconic depictions, appearing in political satire, magazine articles, newspaper stories, tributes to Ted Geisel, and several obituaries after Ted passed away in 1991.

After all, Ted believed that horseplay, surprise, absurdity, and falling down were key elements in making kids laugh. Add to that a clever Cat full of self-assured abandon, a household of acrobatic objects, an aim to entertain, and voil—a new era of children’s literacy was born.