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Greens Egg and Ham Bronze

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Dimensions:  Maquette: Sculpture Dimensions: 19"h x 9"w x 8"d
Base Dimensions: 1"h x 8"w x 6"d

Large Scale: 80.5”h x 36”w x 28”d 

Monumental: 11'6"h x 5'4"w x 4'7”d 

Medium: Bronze

Edition Size:  195 maquette, 35 large scale, 9 monumental

Availability:  available

Year of Release:  2007

Inspired by Dr. Seuss’s character and created by artist Leo Rijn.

Green Eggs and Ham was born out of a $50 wager between Dr. Seuss and his publisher, Bennett Cerf, who bet he couldn’t write an articulate, entertaining book using only fifty different words. The result was a 62-page volume composed of 49 monosyllabic words and a fiftieth three-syllable word “anywhere.” When Cerf heard Ted’s first reading of the book, he seemed dazed, shaking his head over the clear triumph of Green Eggs and Ham, which had begun as their private joke. Although he conceded the fifty-dollar bet, Ted cheerily “complained” throughout his life that Cerf never paid up. A small price for what ultimately became a national treasure.