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Floating with My Homies

Original price $4,000.00 - Original price $10,000.00
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$4,000.00 - $10,000.00
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Dimensions:  33" x 42", 38" x 56.5"

Medium:  Mixed Media Print on Deckeled Edge Paper

Edition Size:  50 regular, 9 large (exhibition)

Availability:  Available

Year Released:  2023 


The new print work, "Floating With My Homies," was inspired by the beauty of compassion.  It is part of the "Coconut Radio" series, created during much of the Covid period.  During that time, the word compassion was used quite often, so much that it seemed to take on additional, different and new meanings.


In 2012, I produced a work titled, "Rollin with the Homies", which celebrated compassion resulting from the people around you.  It went on to influence an entire exhibition in New York, in 2013 by the same title.


So, during the COVID period, I realized that it wasn't just the limited people around us, but all of the people we dreamed would one day be around us again to fell that warmth of compassion.  This is exactly what "Floating With My Homies" was meant to express.  


The floatie, covered in a Tahitian motif to establish its location in the lagoon around my studio in Tahiti, is filled to the brin with my homies that I dreamed to one day float with again.  Not only is the face of the character of Snoopy covered in the excitement of the compassion, but the bright yellow frame-like paint pours just above their heads expressing the warmth of the entire motion of compassion.


Just below the floatie off to the right side in the water of the lagoon sites a large paint pour of violet-purple hue, a color that has been used throughout art history to represent passion and compassion.

                                                      --- Tom Everhart, 2023