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Everything to Me

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Dimensions:  20 1/2" x 9"

Medium:  serigraph on paper

Edition Size:  195

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"You are everything to me ...

“Everything to Me” will undoubtedly become the gift for each of us wanting to convey our feelings in a genuine and romantic way. We know that this unique concept, from the imagination of Markus Pierson, will touch the heart of someone you love.

In Markus’s words on the painting he says, “Through my spectacles I see everything, and thus I see only you, for you are everything to me.”

In the 20th anniversary year of the Coyote Series, Markus Pierson has distilled twenty years into a powerful, single icon capturing the spirit and the essence of what The Coyotes have come to represent. This is not simply a pair of glasses, but an eloquent, romantic and symbolic gesture reminding us to reinvent our outlook on life – never take our innermost feelings for granted, and express our love outwardly often.
--- Markus Pierson