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Dimensions:  72"h x 14"w x 14"d

Medium:  Unique Sculpture

Edition Size:  26

Availability:  Sold out at publisher but still available at Peabody Gallery

I am the Dreamcatcher, sent forth to carry a dream or two in my heart. Yours, perhaps. I am not a catalyst, not a given, not an inspiration. The dream must be fully-formed and it must be actionable when I receive it. My role is to be a gentle reminder. Like a string tied to a finger. Ten years hence we will look upon my heart's core and see what has come to pass but know this - it doesn't matter. If your dream has died or failed or changed: or if you exceeded your wildest expectations tenfold - no matter. You have dared to dream, and as such you are rare, and I am pleased to have you in my heart.

---Markus Pierson