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Dinner for Three

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Dimensions:  40" x 74 1/2"

Medium:  giclee' on canvas

Edition Size:  5 - Artist Proof

Availability:  sold out at publisher but still available at Peabody Gallery

Curious about his existence and it’s many unanswered questions, Rupert made a decision. He decided to ask Life Itself and Death Incarnate out to dinner. To his surprise, they accepted. When they arrived, Rupert was stunned at how big life was, and he told her so. Death Incarnate was surprised by this as most people he knew thought life was too short. Rupert then commented that Death Incarnate was not as large as he imagined him to be. Death seemed upset by this, but cheered a bit when life explained that it was probably because Death wasn’t “looming”. She said, “He gets much larger when he is looming or staring you right in the face, or lurking right around your corner”. Death said, “Good news for you - I’m not… Yet.” Rupert said he was glad of that and ordered a cup of coffee. When it arrived, it seemed to Death as half empty, while Life saw it as half full. Rupert simply saw it as delicious. He sipped it, then offered Life Itself a rose as a token of his love for her. She smiles and sniffed deeply its lovely scent, but was hesitant to accept it. She said, “I am flattered you think you love me but I wonder: “Will you love me once you know me better? I can be harsh, trust me. I can be capricious, deceptive, and very untrustworthy. I can make a second seem to last for hours, and not in a good way. I can make Him look like a welcomed guest.” She then gestured towards Death Incarnate, who nodded in agreement. Death said, “I’m not that bad once you get used to me. I like it best when people see me as, say, a vehicle. Remember that rock & roll song “The Vehicle” by the Isles Of March? It goes ‘I’m the friendly stranger in the black sedan won't you step inside my car – I got pictures, got candy, I’m a lovable man and I can take you to the nearest star.’ That’s me.” Rupert said he understood and found death intriguing but he slurred some of his words as he spoke. Death Incarnate became a bit angry as he had seen this before. Rupert was becoming love-drunk on life’s beauty. He told Rupert she didn’t always look so good in the morning. Rupert said, “To me, she does. Every morning she is so beautiful and full of promise. Every morning she takes my breath away, her warm embrace inspiring me, the hopes for the day springing eternal. She may promise nothing, but she desires everything. She may be trouble, she may be cruel, she may be unpredictable and unfair – But that’s just a test of my love. I am up to that test, I will pass it with flying colors, and every time I do she will lay her splendor more bare, she will be more willing, our time together more precious, till she gives my day all she has to give. Everything. Every… Single… Thing.” Life smiled at him, touched him on the snoot and said, “That’s why I seem so big to you.”
Death Incarnate had heard enough. “Puh-leeze. Have you been listening? She’s going to leave you. She’s going to betray you. For certain. See this thread? Your life is hanging by it. One day she’ll pull too hard and it will snap in two, guaranteed, and your mine. Didn’t mean to rain on your love parade, but that’s a fact.” Rupert smiled and said, “You didn’t. My time with life shouldn’t go on forever. If it went on forever, it could never become a memory, and everyone knows things are better when they become memories. I’m in no hurry, but it will be great to grow old and look back.” Life itself beamed with pleasure, then looked at Death Incarnate and said “Now, now. Don’t be mad. Remember your golden rule – Every dog has his day, but no dog has every day.” Death smiled at Rupert – and winked.