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Dedicated to His Wine

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Dimensions:  16" h x 6" w x 11" d

Medium:  Bronze

Edition Size:  40

Availability:  Available

     How dedicated are you to what you love?  Does it feel like it’s a part of you?   “Dedicated to his Wine” is for all of us who are consumed with our passions, becoming one with our favorite pastime.   The wine glass goes wherever the “Dedicated” character travels, ready to enjoy a glass of wine at a moment’s notice.  In fact, he’s positioned on his toes, tilted slightly forward, as if looking for someone to fill his glass.
     “Dedicated” is the first sculpture in the “Wine Lovers Series” to incorporate a wine glass instead of a wine bottle.  After exploring the endless potential of wine bottles in this series, I took a long look at the gorgeous shape of the glass and saw a new world to discover.  The sloping curves of the glass, narrowing to the thin line of the stem, was the perfect inspiration.   Unfortunately, a wine glass is much more delicate than a wine bottle.  After gripping the glass too tightly and ending up with a broken glass and a bloody hand, I learned to sculpt with a gentle touch.  It has been said that an artist puts blood, sweat and tears in his art.  Well, the blood part is certainly true.