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The Cat That Changed the World

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Dimensions:  39 5/8” x 28 7/8” 

Medium: Giclee' on Paper

Edition Size:  850

Availability:  Sold out at publisher but still available at Peabody Gallery

Year of Release:  2012

Adapted posthumously from the circa 1957 original preproduction drawing for the 1957 book, The Cat in the Hat.

When The Cat in the Hat first stepped into our lives and onto the world stage in 1957, Ellen Goodman of The Detroit Free Press wrote that it was “a little volume of absurdity that worked like a karate chop on the weary little world of Dick, Jane and Spot.” Perhaps the defining book of Ted Geisel’s colossal career, The Cat in the Hat came into being when Houghton Mifflin asked him to write and illustrate a child’s primer using only 225 "new-reader" vocabulary words. Ted’s success at being able to fulfill this mandate not only changed the way generations of children would learn to read, but also freed future writers from the bonds of literary conventions.