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Bear Necessities

Original price $1,850.00 - Original price $3,350.00
Original price
$1,850.00 - $3,350.00
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Dimensions:  35" x 16"

Medium:  giclee' on canvas

Edition Size:  325 regular, 135 embellished artist proof

Availability:  Available

     With rich wood tones and deep reflections, “Bear Necessities” evokes a cozy evening spent enjoying the pleasure of good company. Elegant in its simplicity, “Bear Necessities” shows that two glasses and a great bottle is all you need to hibernate from the world.
     Arvid is often asked what inspires him to paint what he does: “It’s the subtle exchange between couples or the laughter shared with friends when they reminisce about a great night . . . It’s the stories people connect to my work that I find so appealing.”