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Adam, Eve and Evidence

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Dimensions:  20" h x 7" w x 7" d

Medium:  Bronze

Edition Size:  40

Availability:  Available

      The bulk of my early artwork, well before the “Wine Lovers Series”, focused on artistic interpretations of my spiritual experiences.  The rich imagery of the Bible provided fertile ground for my growth as an artist.  My artistic and spiritual journeys have always gone hand in hand.  So it should be no surprise that faith-based imagery emerges in this series.
      “Adam, Eve and the Evidence” brings us to our famous couple in Eden.  How could Eden be perfect without a bottle of wine?  What was the fruit on the tree of knowledge of good and evil?  Was it an apple or a grape?  In any case, Adam and Eve are caught with the goods, just as we are so often today.  Although this sculpture is a light-hearted treatment of this topic, it’s comforting to know that God has a plan for all of us if we connect with Him in obedience and trust.
     The red patina on the apple is stunningly realistic.  It looks so lifelike that you could take a bite; however resist the temptation or you’ll be replacing a few teeth.