Mackenzie Thorpe

Mackenzie Thorpe (1956- ) strives to express the full range of human emotion through his art, whether through his trademark brightly colored pastels or his new bronze sculptures. His imaginative imagery - from smiling children and charming sheep to tough industrial workers - is well-known and beloved around the globe. Thorpe credits innovative artists Van Gogh and Mark Rothko as strong influences, but the vision he shares is uniquely his own: "If you see a flower, look at it, paint it - but don't pick it, don't hurt it! That's the kind of innocence I'm trying to get across." In addition to being visually striking, Thorpe's heartfelt work manages to elicit a profound feeling from the most stoic of viewers. "Life's journey can be the loneliest and most painful place," he explains, "[however, if we] have faith in our own inner strength, look beyond the despair, we will discover hope. "His own life experience has led Thorpe to passionately believe that hopes and dreams - and love - will eventually triumph over adversity.

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