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Time Without Shadows

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Dimensions: 23 1/2" x 20 1/4"

Medium:  Serigraph on paper

Edition Size:  395

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In "Time Without Shadows" Mackenzie highlights the contrast between childhood innocence and the complexities of our adult lives. He depicts children living their lives in full color, free to explore and be innocent without worry. One notices that the children are without shadows as they are not yet affected by society's views, politics, and life's experiences. The adults, however, cast long shadows across the landscape, a symbol of their history, their culture, and the views on the world. The piece strikes a poignant chord between his whimsical images and those that reveal his passion for the serious issues that confront us on a daily basis. He urges us to respond to the child within, to the time in our lives when we were without shadows.
--- Mackenzie Thorpe