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The Uncorking and The Bouquet

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$900.00 - $1,500.00
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Dimensions:  36" x 12" each

Medium:  embellished giclee' on canvas

Edition Size:  88

Availability:  Available

Christopher M., known as “The Painter of Chefs”, has sought to capture art—the culinary arts to be exact, in the making. In his most recent masterpieces, “The Uncorking & The Bouquet”, he celebrates the joys of fine wine as an essential part in the fine dining experience.

“The Uncorking” depicts the chef right before the cork is carefully removed and the bottle is left to breath. The chef’s face is expressive, conveying pleasure, as if to suggest the rarity and perfection of the vintage. It is a moment of luxurious anticipation brought to life by the artist’s fluid brushstrokes and expert use of color and shadowing.

“The Bouquet” was created to pair with “The Uncorking” as the chefs in unison create a succession of the wine ritual. Captured in a moment of reverence for the wine tasting process, she closes her eyes to take in the rich aromas that exude from the glass. A hint of citrus, berries and perhaps the essence of the unique French oak barrel is extracted by her expert nose and palette—a perfect pairing for that special dish on the evening’s menu.

“The Uncorking” and “The Bouquet” once again demonstrate Christopher M.’s insatiable desire as a painter to celebrate the culinary arts. The artist seeks to heighten the viewer’s awareness by the juxtaposition of rich jewel colors against the thick textural brushstrokes—almost like a chef layering the flavors in a fine dish. And just as a great chef seeks to bring palatable pleasure to those enjoying his culinary creations, the viewer’s experience is ultimately what the artist is hoping to enhance. Food and wine are as intertwined as paint and canvas and it is in his ability to draw such striking parallels that Christopher M. sets himself apart as one of today’s most notable young artists!