Road Dog (with Pete)

Road Dog (with Pete)

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Dimensions:  36" x 60 1/4"

Medium:  Mixed Media on Board

Edition Size:  55

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The story on the painting reads:

"Down from the north he came, Pete the Road Dog, misunderstood and resolute, certain in his belief that all the world, every inch of it, called to him. Half Coyote and half Aussie Heeler, no living thing had ever been so utterly determined to live a life wild and free, unfettered and unbound. No Man that met him ever felt friendless again, no coyotess who kissed him ever looked into the sunset the same again for he was all of Life's bold adventures bundled and rolled into a singular hide. As he passed by, lions bowed their heads, road crews broke into song, Ducatis moaned, Ferarris wept, marathoners stopped mid-race to gawk, champion race drivers handed over their keys, boats hugged the closest shore, herds of gazelles stared at his feet, generals saluted, and the Great Nuvolari himself winked a knowing wink. The tires of cars so longed to be with him that they leapt off their cars they were on and mobbed him. Life both went on forever and was over in a flash for the Road Dog: He's gone on now, but his spirit only grows stronger. For any adventure you may choose to go on, wherever it might be and with whomever you may desire as a companion, you can feel the air from the laughter of the spirit of Pete, the Road Dog. It is what makes the hair on the back of your neck stand on end. Go Pete go! "