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Over Served

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$450.00 - $775.00
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Dimensions:  20" x 20", 30" x 30"

Medium:  giclee' on canvas

Edition Size:  50 small, 50 large

Availability:  Available

Greetings from across the Atlantic,
     Francois’ expertise in regard to martinis is legendary the world over.  He guards his secret ritual in preparing a martini like the crown jewels.
     Francois prepares a martini with great precision.  The crystal martini glass is chilled while the martini is concocted.  Next the ingredients are laid out next to the sterling martini shaker.  First, Francois adds crushed ice in the shaker and pours only the very finest vodka over the ice.  He then opens the bottle of vermouth and walks past the shaker twice and only twice with the open bottle.  Then he puts the lid on the shaker and shakes vigorously for precisely eighteen seconds and not one second more or the vodka could get bruised.  He then strains the martini from its’ ice bath into the chilled martini glass and adds one specially grown martini olive straight from Francois’ very own olive plantation in South America.  Now this is a martini rivaled by none other.
     The only problem with this perfect martini - occasionally someone tends to get over-served.