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Mise en Place

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Dimensions:  20" x 30"

Medium:  embellished giclee' on canvas

Edition Size:  88

Availability:  Available

Paying homage to the refined skills and talents of culinary chefs around the world, contemporary painter Christopher M. continues to paint his fascination with the culinary arts.

As an artist himself, Christopher M. has a keen understanding of the hard work and preparation necessary in producing one’s finest work. In addition to his appreciation for fine dining, the artist will admit that he is captivated by the endless possibilities for challenging compositions within this subject matter.

Christopher M’s image titled “Mise en Place” (Translation: “put in place” or “everything in place”) is a striking vertical composition portraying the crucial preparation phase required in the production of fine culinary creations. “Mise en place” is a French phrase revered by the Culinary Institute of America and is paramount to the honored brigade system of cooking. Preparation is considered to be the most important stage of creating fine cuisine under extreme time constraints. It demands having everything prepared and in its place prior to execution. Recipes, ingredients and equipment must all be readily accessible to ensure proper momentum. The art of cooking is very time sensitive, so the team of chefs must hold fast to a very precise protocol in order to produce optimal results in an appropriate amount of time.

Bursting with delicious color, an assembly line of the finest ingredients lay in the foreground. Visually stimulating our senses, the artist paints a fervent scene replete with sensual pleasure. Texture, color, taste and smell seem to burst from the canvas. With chefs poised and ready for action Christoper M. succeeds in capturing the drama behind the scenes.

The highest compliment one can pay to an artist is showing reverence for their chosen art form. Christopher M. prevails in his quest as we relish in his kitchen of artistic reverie.