Just the Two of Us

Just the Two of Us

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Dimensions:  35" x 24"

Medium:  Serigraph on Paper

Edition Size:  75

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The story on the artwork reads:

“Horace was fed up. For three moons he’d been trying to get Maddie in a compromising position and kiss the stuffings out of her, and for three moons he’d failed. The problem was Norbert Ludlum, the town pest. Last week at the movies Horace was so close to kissing Maddie he could practically taste her flavored lipstick when Norbert hit him square in the eye with a gummy-bear. Then at the Harvest Moon dance, Horace was slow dancing with Maddie, mere moments away from major lippage when Norbert threw a smoke bomb on the dance floor, yelled, ”Fire”, and squirted everyone with a garden hose. Last Thursday night theywere rocking on a porch swing when Norbert brought his friends by for an impromptu serenade of “Ten Thousand Bottles of Beer On The Wall.” Luck finally changed for the better when the couple went parking out by old man Britkos’ ranch. Norbert let the cattle out of their pen and soon they had surrounded Horaces’ car, but instead of being bothered Maddie smiled at Horace and said, “Ahhh, alone at last Horace smiled back, and slowly he put his arm around her. . .as for what happened next, I think I’ll just leave that to your imagination. Okay? Okay.”