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Hats and Horses

Original price $600.00 - Original price $850.00
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$600.00 - $850.00
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Dimensions:  28" x 22", 38" x 30"

Medium:  giclee' on canvas

Edition Size:  50 small, 50 large

Availability:  Available

Greetings from the Iroquois,
     Every year since before I was born, the second weekend in May has been dedicated to the running of the Iroquois Steeplechase in Nashville.  It is a very big event in the world of steeplechasing and has even been attended by British royalty.  In fact, one Nashvillian, George Sloan, went over to England and won the British Steeplechase; that was a first.  No American had ever won this event before.       Francois doesn’t race in the Steeplechase, but he certainly makes sure he has a stake in the running.  His family has been known to have a horse and rider in the running from time to time and he always has a friendly wager on the races.
    It’s always a wonderful event.  The box seats are filled with smiling faces, beautiful women framed by big glorious hats and men in straw hats smoking cigars and drinking mint juleps.  What a day!  Did I mention, the Hunt Ball is the evening after the race?  It’s an endurance test of the finest quality.  Let the races begin.