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Enjoying the Vintage

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Dimensions:  36" x 36"

Medium:  embellished giclee' on canvas

Edition Size:  88

Availability:  Available

Contemporary painter Christopher M. endeavors to commemorate the art, science and history of wine makers and their impact on the culinary arts.

“Enjoying the Vintage” is an intimate portrait depicting the vital relationship between an Executive Chef and its resident sommelier. In the world of fine dining, the sommelier, or wine steward, is a professionally trained expert in all aspects of wine service. Working closely with the chef, the sommelier plays a critical role in pairing food dishes with wine to enhance the dining experience for their guests.

The artist’s composition portrays the Executive Chef and sommelier as they convene to select the perfect wine pairing for each delightful course on the menu. Descending down the spiral staircase, they retreat to the restaurant’s wine cellar, replete with a fine vintage collection that is the result of years of acquiring the finest wines from regions around the world. The subtle position of their respective glasses illustrates the process in which they evaluate a certain vintage. The chef inhales the aroma, as the sommelier swirls his glass to examine the wine’s body and texture. They intentionally avoid eye contact as to not influence one another’s opinion. Inciting the senses, the many nuances of color, flavor, weight and bouquet are taken into consideration as they use their expertise to collaborate on the most select, epicurean experience.

In his exceptional artistic interpretation, Christopher M. succeeds in transforming the basic human need of eating and drinking into a tribute to the professionals who have turned this simple act into a veritable work of art.

“Chefs dans L’Harmonie” is a celebration of the culinary arts. And like any art worth celebrating, it satisfies our appetite for delicious beauty. Bon Appétit!