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Coronado Beach Walks

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Dimensions:  72" x 12"

Medium:  embellished giclee' on canvas

Edition Size:  195

Availability:  Available

     Feel the sun on your face and the breeze in your hair. Dig your toes into the sand. Take a deep breath and be refreshed by the salty ocean air. Be soothed by the sounds of the eternal waves crashing to the shore and the freedom call of the seagulls overhead. Look across the bay, over the bridge and admire the majesty and history of the Hotel del Coronado. Relish the cityscape as you bask in the quiet of your beach oasis.
     Welcome to southern California - the birthplace and childhood playground of contemporary painter Michael Flohr. As a native of San Diego, the artist grew up on the sandy beaches surrounding the historic peninsula of Cornado (Spanish for "The Crowned One", hence the nickname, "The Crowned City"). Coronado is an affluent city, quaint beach town and popular tourist destination that is home to the famous Hotel del Coronado, considered one of the world's top resorts and a national, historic landmark.
     Michael Flohr's "Cornado Beach Walks" was born of a sense of nostalgia and fond memories that fed his artistic impulse in creating this intriguing panoramic work of art. Horizontal lines of azure imbue his California skyline. Flohr paints a narrative that speaks of a family frolic or a lovers' lounge, an enchanted vacation or just the good fortune of living life by the beach. At a glance, we are transported to a carefree moment in time forever etched in the artist's memory.