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Ciao Bella

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Dimensions:  18" x 36"

Medium:  embellished giclee' on canvas

Edition Size:  195

Availability:  Available

     For many artists the idea of traveling to the European continent is merely a dream. To experience the rich artistic history of Rome is the pinnacle.
      For artist Michael Flohr this dream has been realized and from his travels he brings us a masterpiece entitled, “Ciao Bella”.
      The Italian phrase is both a greeting and a parting of intimate friends. “Ciao” meaning hello and “Bella” is feminine for beautiful. “Ciao Bella” encompasses what the artist feels about Rome, for to him, she is like a beautiful friend.
      The rich antiquity of the beginnings of art remains intact as Master artist Michael Flohr leads us down an old cobblestone road. A small Italian café buzzes with interesting conversation in many different languages as many make their pilgrimage to admire “La Citta Eterna” (The Eternal City). A beautiful woman is the focus of this rich composition and gives honor to his wife Melissa, his traveling companion and soul mate.
      “Ciao Bella” invites the viewer to step into the old world and delight in the simplicity of what once was, and to some still is the center of the universe.