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Beautiful Florence

Original price $1,800.00 - Original price $4,400.00
Original price
$1,800.00 - $4,400.00
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Dimensions:  18" x 32 1/2", 35" x 65"

Medium:  embellished giclee' on canvas

Edition Size:  100 small, 95 large

Availability:  Available

Florence as seen from Piazza Michelangelo is a breathtaking experience. Internationally acclaimed artist Michael Flohr has truly captured the beauty and essence of this ancient city whose history has impacted the art world for centuries.

“When I first came here as an artist it was truly amazing to look out over a city that has inspired so many important artists. I can remember sitting there with a Venetian made water coloring book and sketching in a place where famous artists must have been in awe.” - Michael Flohr

Michael Flohr’s ability to capture color and light has been likened by art critics to numerous great masters that have come before him. His classical approach to painting allows him to create a compositional balance by using light as a source of inspiration and explore many depths within his work. Although classically trained, what sets Flohr’s work uniquely apart from his contemporaries is the ability to infuse his own modern approach in portraying traditional subjects and landscapes such as “Beautiful Florence”. In this masterful work the viewer sees light dancing in the shadows off the buildings making us feel the illustrious radiance of a city which exudes art and romance. Colors and shapes come together capturing yet another great moment on canvas; a quintessential Michael Flohr painting.