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At Sea

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Dimensions:  30" x 30"

Medium:  Serigraph on paper

Edition Size:  195

Availability:  Available

"What might seem to one person as just a simple bump in the road of life, can, to another, appear as their own personal, insurmountable Everest. I believe these challenges are sent to confront us for a reason. They stretch us, at times further than we thought possible, so that we can grow and realize our ultimate potential as human beings. " At Sea”, may seem perilous as we view a young child castaway, alone and perched over the edge of a vast sea. His innocent smile tells us he is safe. The boat protects him while the anchor balances him. Perception is everything. Once we alter our 'adult ' view, we see the safety and innocence of the life as a child.
---Mackenzie Thorpe